The Gender Wage Pay Gap – In America

Full time working women make 79 cents for every dollar paid to men, a 21% difference #thepaygapisreal

You can take action. Send a message to the White House and Department of Labor here

Fact: For women of color the pay gap is even worse. Women of color are making less than 79 cents per dollar. A African-American/Black/ Caribbean/ women earns 64 cents, Hispanic women earning 54 cents, and a Native American women’s earnings is 65 cents to a white male’s dollar.

Discrimination plays a big role in the gender pay gap. Did you know that a male doctor makes 36.6% more than their female counterparts? Female game artists make 15.8% less than their male counterparts. A female pharmacist makes 21.8% less than their male colleagues.

The fight for equality is not over. You can help make this change.

When will women receive equal pay? Who will help us get there?

Join the movement.

#EqualPay #Equality #Women #Balance #Wagegap

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