My one year long journey without heat

One year ago today, I got my first Curly haircut at the DevaChan Salon. I walked into the salon with no clue on what the next style would be. My only inspiration was Tip’s hair from the movie Home. I was seeing the advertisements for the movie on billboards, in stores, tv screens, everywhere I went I saw Tip’s awesome fro. I loved it. Her style was edgy, chic, and fluffy.

I had just two rules for the DevaCut:

  1. no bangs
  2. not too short. 

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but in the end, I loved my haircut. While the stylist was cutting away, we spoke about daily hair care routines, products, and different styles to try. The biggest take away from my DevaChan experience was to use silicone and sulfate free products, but also to limit the number of times I use heat.

Since then (June 2015) I have only used heat to my hair twice. The first time (Fall 2015) was to check my length before I got my second DevaCut and the second time (December 2015) my hair had been in braids and it needed a deep wash and set. Surprisingly, I did not like my hair straightened (using a flat-iron and/or blow dry method). I loved how much my hair grew within four months, but after two days I missed my curls.

In December, when I got my hair done I was so amazed at how much my hair had grown. It was incredible. At that time, I couldn’t stop showing my new length off. I’ve realized that part of this growth had to do with the no heat routine. I think I will go for a wash and set (no blow dry) just to see how much it has grown, but it is definitely a lot fuller now. I love that I can see how my hair has grown and developed over the year. It’s even better when I get to see that growth through my curls.

I highly recommend cutting down the amount of heat you use on your hair. You will see great results especially if you keep up with it! It’s totally okay if you use heat sometimes, but find the right routine that works best for you. Maybe it’s twice a month or three times out of the year. Keep it up and be sure to share your results in the comment section.


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