Growth Check

Every now and then I do a growth check and record my length. It’s good to know that my hair is actually growing – keeps me motivated. 
Anyways, this is Day 3 hair straight out of the pineapple with some added products from my daily curl refresher routine and fluffed to create volume.  
I sprayed mister right on top in the front and on the bottom in the back, rubbed coconut oil all throughout, and then scrunched (a lot). 

I was amazed at how big and long my hair was. I didn’t realize how much my hair had grown within the last couple of months. I look back and I think part of that growth came from the lifestyle I was living. Within those months, I was drinking at least 50 ounces of water everyday, an avocado once a week, and lots of almonds.The key to hair growth is having a healthy diet.
A lot of the times the foods that you are consuming are not good for your hair and even your body.Think about what you are eating, how you are treating your hair and your body, and remember to balance everything out. If you are going to drink a soda have some water too or eat a few veggies.
Hair growth takes time, a lot of love, and an abundance of patience.




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