How can I change the world?

“The world is not going to change itself; youths are going to change the world. If one person makes a difference, pretty soon, we will all be able to see the whole world making a difference.”

This quote comes from an essay I wrote about service, dignity, leadership, and working as a community.

My ultimate goal is to somehow change the world one day. I am learning each and every day what this truly means… changing the world. One small difference can turn into a big one. One small action can motivate others to do something great. In order for this world to change, to be better, safer, more loving, and peaceful then we [the humans of society] need to start changing the world NOW.

How? Why? When? Those questions are up to you to decide. You can start changing the world today; you can change it just by speaking up or hosting an event, etc. In the end it is up to you to figure out, the ‘why’. Only you can know why it is important for YOU to change the world. I know why I want to change the world. Do you?

Will you join me? Will you change this world? Or will you wait?

Confidence. Dream. Inspire.


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