Bedtime routine + Erno Laszlo Memory Sleep Mask

Hello, beauties!

Last night, I tried my free sample from Erno Laszlo. I received a small, round, pink, gel-like, product called the Memory Sleep Mask. I love the texture and how soft it feels on my skin. I applied this mask on my neck and some areas on my face. Just one day later and I am already seeing wonderful results. My neck is a little bit softer and not too dry plus the memory mask got rid of those lines under my eyes from being tired. This a great mask for hydration. Side note: every time you open the jar it looks good as new. The gel is definitely a plus.

While using my new Erno Laszlo product, I started detangling my hair from a 2hour twist out. I used DevaCurl B’Leave – In and a detangling brush from Evolve via July @curlbox. This detangling process is something I try to incorporate into my bedtime routine daily. Detangling curly hair is so important because the hair easily gets knotted up or worse to hard to finger/brush through. In the twist out I used coconut oil and One and Only Argan Oil Styling Cream for hydration and a silky finish.


You can find Erno Laszlo Memory Sleep Mask exclusively online only on as well as my review of their product.

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