Magic Moments

To me, magic is something special and something real. Magic is something that can’t happen unless you have this special “power”. Sometimes I think people need to take a break from their technological lives and just stop in time and experience a special moment. It’s important for society to disconnect from the tech savvy world because sometimes people [we] tend to get caught up with the media and people [we] lose the moment. For this shoot, I totally disconnected from my phone and every other gadget my photographer and I had and it was great. So disconnect from your phone, your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else you use on a daily basis and see what can be done without the app. Soon you’ll see that a lot can be done without the gadgets! Anyways, my outfit details are below.



Blue Sandals: Target

Shorts: Uniqlo

Blue button down shirt: H&M

White V-Neck: Nike

 Blue Backpack: Lands End IMG_5556.jpg

Day 2 hair goodness courtesy of the Cantu line and DevaCurl products (check it out in the products section). Thanks to the heat I achieved defied volume (yay) unfortunately also some loose curls:(


Live your life to the fullest. No regrets. Enjoy your life and live in the moment. Live it up with someone else, turn it into magic, and love it. Take a step away from your worries, the mortgage, preparing for tests, and even work. Have a moment to yourself and figure out what comes next or just take a risk and do it. Life is short people.

I live my life to the fullest every day and each day I grow more and more. Sometimes I take it day by day and sometimes I take it like its ending in hours, but either way I enjoy the day I lived because I am never going to be able to live that same day again. I can only move forward and I don’t want to move forward with regrets and not being able to live in the moment. Experience new things, go out to dinner in your favorite pajamas, eat a lobster with a bib on, take a weekend trip to somewhere amazing, rekindle those old friendships, form new traditions, just do something. Until then, I will be living my life a quarter-mile at time, focusing on my next milestone, my next big thing, my dream.


What is your dream? What is your moment? Who is making the magic? How are you living your life? Would you change? Could you change? How can you change?
Katie Clark Photography

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