Dry hair, Just don’t care

Hello curlies!

Hope everyone has had a splendid week so far. Last week I tested out the Design Essentials Line (from my products section) and I was not too happy with the results. My hair was so dry just after a few hours and then it became worse on Day 3. I completely lost my curl pattern and moisture. My scalp was dry which resulted in itchiness. I couldn’t believe my results especially because I have used products from this line with other products, but I guess only using this line by itself was not a good idea for my hair. I am going to give it another try because it might have just been the climate I was in or what I was eating in between those days. The thing is you never know with curly hair –sometimes it is not even the products, but something simple as the water intake you had for the day. The good part about all of this was that I sort of embraced my new “look” (lol). During this time I had a super busy weekend so I didn’t have time to do a wash and routine style with new products. Hence the title, Dry Hair, Just don’t care. When I was running around, working out, or doing errands I would add water, detangle, avocado and almond mouse, and/ or rock the #bunlife. Whenever I try a new product I try it for at least three days or more to ensure I have accurate results. Since my hair and the products weren’t agreeing to well I kept the testing going for a while. When in doubt just rock what happens! You can always dress up the curls that are not cooperating. A scarf, headband, twist out, clips, and bobby pins – you get it. However, I love the smell and the mouse of the line plus it contains avocado, which is so good for cleansing curls, and giving a good fresh smell so I definitely don’t want to give up on it yet. Stay tuned…


Products are located on talkthatcurl.com>natural>products


Comment below with questions, comments, regards, etc!


Night curly people!

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