dArE to Be DiFfeRent

Ah, hello Friday!

The week has gone by so fast and so slow. I can’t believe its September already!! It has been one heck of a summer here. This week alone the weather has been crazy – thanks mother nature. Btw, a fall/summer outfit is coming soon.

               Check out the bow on the back of this dress though {soooooo amazing}IMG_5644.jpg

I had so much fun with this shoot. I stepped out my comfort zone and just lived in the moment. I added colors on top of colors, lots of bright colors, and big statement jewelry. I couldn’t believe how well the colors flowed together. The key is to compliment the colors in your outfit. Something that I love to do is to grab the color that is not noticed or apparent and make that color into an accessory ( a pop). In this case an Aztec pattern is a little bit hard because most of the time all the colors shine. Anyways, it worked out.IMG_5616.jpg

Yellow complimented this dress well and it was a color I pulled out that I wanted to pop. The blue nail polish happened to work with the dress too, so I just paired it with the turquoise necklace. The orange purse worked great because it was just an added statement piece and the color so happened to make the colors in the dress flow together. IMG_5669.jpg

Now to my favorite part – shoes!! More specifically sneakers. Oh how I love sneakers. These pink converse are so cool and unique that I had to throw them in with this dress. Hightops work well with skater dresses – gives a balance and are comfortable and cute. IMG_5610.jpg

DeTAilS X pRIntS x SuMMeR


Shoes: Converse

Dress: Target

Necklace: Outdoor Markets

Rings: My own

Purse: Delias


Social Justice meets fashion. All of these bracelets have a special meaning to me because they are from organizations that I have supported and worked with. It was important to me to incorporate my justice work into my blog and fashion because it is apart of me and who I have become.

Today, we still have an issue with homosexuals adopting a child. Why?

It is estimated that 246,000 women  and 2,000 men will battle breast cancer this year. How? Each year about 225 children are diagnosed with the childhood cancer Ewing Sarcoma. Crazy.

Women of color are two to three times more likely to develop Lupus than any other race. Heath is one of the biggest problems in America. When will child obesity end? When will smoking be limited? When will healthcare providers improve?

When will the justice change?


The orange represents Lupus Disease

The green represents Administrative Children Services in support of the LGBTQ+ community  Adopting or Fostering  a Child

The white represents swimming and fitness.

The pink represents Breast Cancer Awareness strength and hope in honor of my family members

The blue tyedye represents a former classmate and friend of mine battling childhood cancer. IMG_5628.jpg

Jumping high because Summer is over and no more frizzy big hair!


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