Embracing My Black Magic

“Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real” – Jesse Williams

Black Girl Magic| Queens| Prince| Melanin| Beauty | Essence | Style | Spirit|King


I raise my beautiful brown fist in the air,
Wear my dark black curly hair everywhere,
and in the end,

celebrate my curly hair, and I raise my brown fist in the air and say I fought for justice to
make this a better world. (this is from a speech I gave in Spring 2016)


I have learned to embrace my “textured hair”, to love my gorgeous brown skin, and to enjoy my curves and edges. I am learning to break the stereotypes to not listen to societies negative feedback. And it feels great to do something that people thought you couldn’t do based on race, gender, status, LABELS.

So, I urge ALL of you to achieve higher, strive higher, and push yourself a little more to break those “labels”.

I want to share with you something that I think is really important and it took me awhile to understand it. The labels, the brand, the name doesn’t shape you. Just because you wear converse,  called boring, and rich girl does NOT mean that is who you are. You are more than a fashion accessory and  a socio-economic status. Dig deeper into finding and embracing yourself.

I never realized how much I would love my curl hair and my brown skin. Seriously though, melanin>>>


Stay awesome folks!

Confidence. Dream. Inspire.


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