Tuesday Talk x Talk Tuesday X Colin Kaepernick


It’s been awhile since I wrote something on here.  I have a lot to share! Starting with something new I want to try, Tuesday Talk x Talk Tuesday. Every Tuesday I am going to do a little ‘talk’ session. Good vibes, low-key, fun, Q&A type post. Recapping the week, speaking on “hot topics”, and just talking the talk. Anyway, the first topic for Tuesday  is…

Colin Kaepernick X Justice System X America

As you might have seen on your newspapers or heard on the radio, the NFL QB for the 49ers ,Colin Kaepernick has made major headlines and not for his plays on the field, but for not standing during the National Anthem. Let me just get it all out there real quick. Real talk 101: I support Kap 100% and for those of you that don’t understand why then you’re part of the problem. I don’t hide behind the screen here so let’s get real y’all. Lets have some fun.  A little brief memo about Kap’s protest.


He has decided to take a knee during the national anthem. Woah!  At first many fellow athletes didn’t join him, but after a couple of games his teammate Eric Reid and fellow pro athletes joined the movement. Recently, Chris Brown decided to take a seat during the National Anthem at a Charity basketball game. Boy did he get a reaction. And man do I support him too! It’s not just athletes that can take a stand.


Kaepernick has decided to give back all of his profits made from his jersey sales backing into the communities.  The San Fransisco 49ers has also donated $1 million dollars to organizations working to fight inequality and improve relationships between law enforcement and the surrounding communities. YES. So in other words, Kap is not doing this for the money. So get that out of your head. He is doing this because he wants to make a change, he wants to help, he is an up- stander.  He says, “I believe in the people, and WE can  be the change!”


Join the movement and kneel with Kap.


Since Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the national anthem, many athletes joined him and have come forward in support – including  Miami Dolphins players Arian Foster, Jelani Jenkins, Kenny Stills, and Michael Thomas; Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshal; Singer-Songwriter Chris Brown and more to come!

Other forms of national protest include most recently this past weekend Marcus Peters raised his fist in the air while locking arms in unity and solidarity with his Chiefs teammates during along  the National Anthem. The Seattle Seahawks also joined the Chiefs in locking arms as a form of solidarity.


President Barack Obama defends Kaeperinick, saying Kaepernick is exercising a constitutional right and provoking conversation “around some topics that need to be talked about.” I could not agree more! We need to talk about these conversations that are uncomfortable,frightening, and most importantly REAL. These are everyday problems.


Side note: A lot of veterans have been in support with Kap as well.  I think this is very important for people who are saying he is being ridiculous and disrespectful because there are people who are fighting for our country and still think that  America’s justice system has flaws and that is why they support him among many other things. It is very interesting to see how manny different people are sitting with him on this. #VetsforKap



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