Talk Tuesday x Tuesday Talk x Natural

Hello Sunshines!

For the second week of #TalkTuesdayXTuesdayTalk the topic is natural. Let’s begin with this statement. Natural Hair is unprofessional. Oh this makes me so upset when I hear that. Really, it’s unprofessional ? Why? How? First off natural hair is not unprofessional. I know many people who wear their natural hair in the work space and plus many celebrities do too. Such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya,  Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and more. The list can go on…

Second, natural hair is beautiful. All types, curly, wavy, super curly, etc. Both Men and Women can wear their natural hair. Shouts go to  the men who wear their curl hair all the time!

and finally, here are some pros and cons to having natural curly hair.


Cheaper than getting it straightened

Way healthier

Bigger, thicker, Volume

Lifestyle becomes better


Becomes very expensive products

Takes a lot of time

Transitioning takes patience



This was a quick talk, but stay tuned for next week. I am so excited to debrief the week next Tuesday.


Until then… check out my Instagram for some interesting posts.



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