Can we talk about Race? No really, can we? TuesdayTalk X TalkTuesday

Is there still Racism in America?

What is racism ? – Racism is a system of and advantage and disadvantage based on race.

So, some might be saying, “but we still have a black President so that means something, right?” This is one of the biggest statements I hear people say all the time and it is so irritating to hear it. For years President Obama has not gained the respect from the people. Yet, some think racism doesn’t exist because we have a black President. Really? Did you not think it was okay to  hold a sign saying: the zoo has an African and the White House has a Lyin’ American? Or did you think no one would notice when you said “cap ” the congress and “trade” Obama Back to Kenya! Really? Come on, seriously. Wait, wait, what about the Obama pins that said: If Obama is President… will we still call it the White House.

To answer your statement, just because America has a black President does not mean anything. Yes, it is great that we have a black first family, but they go through daily racist remarks for just being black and then  to top that off being black in America with a successful educational background.

Race goes through a number of topics, I’d like to start with privilege and then continue with that topic for next week’s discussion.

There are 6 major types of privilege:

Male Privilege

White Privilege

  •  the systematic advantages of being white beyond those experience by people of color in the same social, political, or economic spaces.
  • Example: Being pulled over by a traffic cop (haven;t been singled out because of race
  • Every social indicator from salary to life expectancy reveals the advantages of being white.

Heterosexual (straight privilege)

Class Privilege

Christian Privilege

Able bodied Privilege

Race is a very hard topic to understand and grasp, but if we work on it piece by piece it will all start to come together. Though Racism is still a huge issue today we must work together in educating ourselves and peers about race.

In 2010, the incarceration rates by Race and Ethnicity were as followed (based on number of people incarcerated per 100.000 in that group):

Latino: 966, Black: 2,207, and White: 380

Modern day Racism:

Includes being followed around in stores because of the color of your skin (I have been)

Being mocked for being too dark and being compared to an animal or so-called sent back to where they came from.

Pulled over just for being a person of color (no other reason) – POC : to describe any person who is not white.

There are many examples  of racism that are currently happening now in America’s justice system.

So, we can talk about race, but for some reason it seems like there is always a limit to how much we can talk about race. Try and talk about race and ask as much questions as you can without being offensive. Until then, leave a comment down below with some questions, concerns, and more topics.




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