Beauty Inside & Out

“You define beauty for yourself, society doesn’t define your beauty. Your spirit and your faith defines your beauty.” – Lady Gaga

Hello beautiful humans!

For today’s topic I am going to be discussing about beauty, and how you defy your own personal meaning of beauty. Beauty can be described in two ways (and sometimes more), but today I will be discussing how I think the way society views beauty.

  1. Beauty inside
  2. Beauty out

It seems simple right? Actually it’s not.


Beauty to me is someone’s characteristic trait that can be viewed through numerous ways, which include physical appearance, emotional behavior, and personality.


If you Google ‘beauty’ this is what comes up:



Make up


Long hair


If you Google ‘beauty in society’ this is what comes up:

  Society killed beauty

   Not talented enough

 Not pretty enough

  Not smart enough

Not fit enough

Make up






When I clicked on images I was surprised at what appeared on these two “tabs”. There were a lot of quotes from Marilyn Monroe, steps to a perfect something, and a chart with different body sizes. This was interesting because it was not something that I was accepting to see on Google images. I was expecting to see pretty, women, and makeup. Instead when I added society I saw male, teeth, surgery, scale, nature, quotes, and more. When you just add one word: society, it makes a huge difference. I think that it is good when you have a mixture of what something means because we all have a different opinion.

So, beauty is not just this perfect idea. For some people it seems that beauty is about society and the beauty of it, for others their hair, for many their heart, for a few a dress size or their clothing apparel, their skin tone and blemishes, and even their physical traits such as nose shape, freckles, and eye color.


Why is it that beauty is defined automatically as a physical appearance? What ever happened to beauty being about someone’s personality? Or the way someone holds a conversation? Or the amount of care that someone has for others? Where did this concept of inner beauty go?


It seems like society has just been weighing a lot of us down about what our own personal beauty means. I think it is so important to recognize that each and every one of us have something beautiful. While yes the physical beauty is important to many, it is also important to recognize your inner beauty, your characteristic trait that maybe defines you.


I am saying beauty is not just make up and looking perfect. So I am telling society to stop defining beauty that way. Stop making beauty an attraction. Let’s make beauty ours, let’s make it something that we can have and hold on to in the long run. For health purposes, lets stop “fixing” the short-term beauty and lets “fix” the long-term beauty.


Inner beauty and outside beauty are two concepts that I am still learning and balancing. I definitely do not “fix” anything unless it is for myself, rather than for society or others. So if you want to wear make up, lose weight, get cosmetic surgery, or anything else that affects you physically (go for it), but please just do it for yourself and not for anyone else. It is your body, your choice, and your rules so don’t let society kill your beauty.


See you next Tuesday and don’t forget to send me a message (in the contact form) or comment on this post or my Instagram on a topic you want to discuss.




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