Talk Tuesday X The big picture

Hello gals and guys!

We are weeks into Talk Tuesday and man have we had some good discussions:)

Doesn’t it feel great to get things off your chest? How about when you get to connect with others based on the same beliefs and values? Or when you get to teach someone something they haven’t even heard before?  What if I were to say right now that you can change the world. What was your first reaction to that statement? What would you say back to me? Some of you might laugh while the rest of you might be considering it.

It is a tough decision, however the decision comes from you. Do you want to change the world? Because if you do then you can. I truly believe that if you set your mind to something and you believe in it and can see it happening then it will happen. I am asking you all to look at the bigger picture. Look at our world right now, our history, the people, the government, the 2016  United States Presidential Election, the economy, the natural disasters just look at them and ask yourself is this what you want?Is this the world you want to live in? If you’re unhappy with it or you want to see more than ask for more, demand for change, start a movement! You know why? Because there are people in this world that want change and want more too, you can be the leader!

Do not be a afraid of change and definitely do not be afraid to ask for more, you have that right to speak on behalf for what you believe in. Go out and change the world! Go vote in this 2016 Presidential Election (18+ & US Citizens ) , explore education rights, boycott Wendy’s ( Human Rights!) ,  help in a school community, be a leader to your peers! There is so much that you can do, just go and do it !! You can change the world. Remember that.


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