What can the past teach us about 2017?

2016 has been an interest, yet fearful year. We’ve had the  2016 Presidential Election, Zika Virus, horrifying  natural disasters, and  exciting Olympic games to say the least.  Some might be wondering : Where are we headed?

As the year 2016 is coming to a close, less than 60 days, and 2017 is fast approaching, I am tapping back into this year and learning about what my past can teach me about my future. I am learning new “things” about myself everyday. One being that I do not like the word thing… Anyways, I am also intrigued about how much I do not know about myself. Another great thing that I have learned is that I looking back into my past and analyzing it like a textbook. There’s something about my past that makes me wonder what I could have done differently and what I could do next time. Your pass can teach you about a lot of “things”, ugh! this word is awful. As you tap into your pass, tap into the 2016 events that occurred in the world this year. How does this pass teach us about 2016? How does the Worlds good and bad mistakes teach us and prepare us for 2017?


After thinking about my 2016 year, I’ve learned to not give up, push hard for your dreams, take a risk, and to have fun.  What did you learn bout your pass that can teach you about 2016 or 2017?


Ps. What are your suggestions for using a different  word other than things ?

~See you next week!


One thought on “What can the past teach us about 2017?

  1. Positivity, I think is something that I can learn from 2016 and take into 2017. My beginning of 2016 was so positive, however that latter portion, I’ve only been focusing on the negative and overlooking the positive. I think that for the rest of this year and going into next, I’d like to get rid of the negativity and try to focus more on being positive and just the positive things in life. I think for a lot of people so much is made of the negative that they really don’t see the positive and that things could be ALOT worse than sometimes they already are. With that being said, positivity what I’m taking away from this year and my experiences and just trying to shrug off the negative and keep going positive.

    P.S. maybe try “situations” or “experiences” instead of things? Not sure if that helps!


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