Can a haircut change your life?

Yes, it can.

I am about three months in to my first Ouidad cut and I am loving it (*inserts hair flipping emoji*)

A few things I have learned:

  1. You should get a trim every 4-8 weeks to keep the ends crisp, the shape popping, and the curls nice.
  2. Try both cuts – a wet (Ouidad) and dry (Devachan)
  3. Try the rake and shake method (video coming soon)

I had the best stylist and Devachan/Ouidad expert.

This process took about 2 hours because I did a deep conditioning. treatment.The Ouidad is very different from  the Devachan cut, your hair gets cut wet. I started with shampooing my hair with “Curl Quencher”, which helps with moisturizing, strengthening, and protecting curls. One of  Curl Quencher’s benefits is that the shampoo does not have a lot of weight like most products instead it is made out of Vitamin E and A which doesn’t have that greasiness texture. Next, I used the “Curl Quencher” conditioner. One important tip that I learned about washing hair you don’t want to apply conditioner at the scalp because it will block the pores from breathing. KEEP AWAY FROM SCALP. After separating my hair and finger gliding the conditioner, I used the “Curl Immersison Tripple Treat Deep Conditioner”. Finally, the “Whipped curls” to the ends and I was good to go:) That simple and it lasted for three days before a true “refresh”!

That’s it! Super quick, super sleek, and what an experience. Not sure which one I like best. With Devachan I leave with my hair diffused (dry), with Ouidad my hair  is not  diffused (no volume!)  wet and flat. So those are definitely things to consider especially if you live in a cold place!


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