Black Lives Matter


We are a pivotal movement in time where in 2016 brown and black bodies are too often under appreciated in many pockets of the United States. The hashtag Black Lives Matter is not about Black  lives being most important  than other races or used as a way to bring down others, but it is used to educate young men and women about lives that are currently being targeted due to racial injustices. Black Lives are being murdered and targeted due to the color of their skin. Those lives are currently the most that are in danger in society today.  More than 250 Black men were reported killed due to a racial injustice. 250! Black Lives Matter (*inserts fist emoji*)

Social media plays a huge role in this movement. Not only has this hashtag spread across the world via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it, but it has made its way into schools, stadiums, locker rooms, homes, and so on. This movement is still being followed in 2017 and I believe it will  continue to follow until justice is served.

Through social media and technology, the movement has taken a far left and positive right turn at the same time. By that I mean sometimes the movement is broadcasted in a negative way which leads to a lot of people misunderstanding the meaning of the movement. I think the movement is about expressing concern for people of color whom are being racially targeted. I feel that this movement will continue to be a fight that Black Lives Still Matter. The reason to this is because black lives are currently the ones that are being racially targeted in society today. Sometimes I wonder  whether or not people view this protest as positive and meaningful way of speaking. I also wonder if the media makes decisions for the people. If a post was on Facebook do you feel like you are influenced by the comments and perception of that one post or can you make a decision on your own? Honestly, I personally think the media makes a “production” out this real issue which sometimes causes people to not see what the problem really is.

With that, I encourage you all to get uncomfortable with the comfortable. Start discussing topics that make you feel “weird” like racism, sexuality, gender discrimination, poverty, malnutrition, etc. THOSE topics NEED to be discussed.Why, you might ask? Well,  besides the fact that these topics are going on in our world, but these issues are happening in our hometowns! We don’t realize often we see these “uncomfortable” situations. You never know what is going on behind closed doors and that is why you should stop being afraid to talk about the topics you have questions on or are  worried about!

Talking is just one small step to making a difference. There about a million ways to use your voice. You all tweet, post, and pin constantly… guess what? You can post about a social injustice that bothers you. Just start talking. Have a conversation, make it a topic at dinner, ask someone you know about their opinion. Compare and contrast. One small change will make a difference!




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