The Safety Pin

A safety-pin is a form of a clasp attaching things. A recent fashion statement in America known to join in solidarity with the people whom are exposed to hate and violence post-election. I mention this movement, because Saturday women and men across the country were fighting for equality, immigration, justice, love, and sisterhood.The safety pin also creates a space where a person can feel love and unity. I was looking at the pictures from Saturday’s march in DC, NYC, California, and Chicago, and I could not believe how many people showed up for each other. This is what America looks like and that is the America I stand with. To see children, men, and women of all ages, races, and religions coming to together as one, Americans, was truly amazing. Honestly, it’s about time the people expressed their voice for what they believe in. I mention this movement because America has sworn in a new President for four years. While many were rejoicing, many were also fearing for their own life or their friends. Topics such as Obama care, education, human rights, LGBTQ rights (same-sex marriage), as well as immigration are many topics whom Americans fear for the next four years. While this time may be painful and hard, this is the time for the people to come together and fight for their power and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to be the voice for the ones are quiet. Stand up and fight! March! Be one! 


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