What’s in my carry – on?

  1. Crayons + any kind of writing utensils 
  2. Coloring book or a note pad 
  3. Snacks (granola bar, pretzels, gold-fish,etc )
  4. Toiletries especially lysol spray (travel size)
  5. Tissues !!
  6. Socks 
  7. GUM 
  8. Headphones of course 
  9.  Cant forget my Carmex 
  10. 3 thin magazines or a reading book 
  11. Travel pillow and blanket 
  12. Many many hair ties and butterfly clips 
  13. A  change of clothes (just in case the luggage gets lost)
  14. Water bottle – Did you know that there are many water refill stations in airports ? FOR FREE 
  15. Camera + chargers! 

These are my 15 essentials when flying! What are yours ? 

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