Galentine’s Day

Gals Valentine’s Day. It’s that simple. But not really, right? The national holiday, Valentine’s Day, comes with so many rules, standards, and etiquettes that must be met on this very special day. I am not biased to Valentine’s Day, but seriously a whole day dedicated to love ? Maybe it’s just me, but Valentine’s Day should not be devoted tot hat one single person. Better yet, why not you and the gals (or guys) catch up and mingle and celebrate your friendship. Galentine’s Day only comes once a year, after all Leslie Knope  from Parks and Rec  claimed it to be “the best day ever”. Which is true? L’Oréal had a Galentnine’s day yesterday and it was a hit – hot pics, fun gals, and loads of food. All day today my timeline was flooded with cut couple pics, birthday pics, or the casual (Gal(s)entine’s brunch photos. Totally awesome btw. I think it would be awesome if this holiday wasn’t so commercialized. Why does a dozen roses have to be $50 or more (inserts mouth opening emoji). WHY? I get it everyone wants  to make a dollar out here and  we are all hustling, but man  I’m just trying to pick up some flowers for my home (lol). When I was younger Valentine’s Day was the best day ever. Literally. I would come home from sports or whatever activity I had  and there would be chocolate covered strawberries, tea, red velvet cupcakes, and flowers waiting for me every time. This was what I looked forward too every year. If there weren’t any goodies that here i would spend the night opening little treats from school or baking or dipping strawberries with my mom. One of my best moments from my childhood was Valentine’s Day. It’s almost bittersweet talking about it now. Like I said, I’m not biased towards it, I just don’t think it should be this loud, extravagant, world stop, day. Happy heart day! May it be filled with love, friends, family, and good memories.

What Galentine’s Day consists of :

  • Fun
  • Chocolate
  • Brunch
  • Red Velvet anything
  • Flowers
  • Photo ops
  • Heels
  • And awesome Gals!

I want to know what are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Are you shipping both Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day? Any special traditions you do?


That’s all the talk for today folks. Catch you next week on #tuesdaytalk.






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