The Third Month

Hey there,

It’s been a long time since I’ve expressed some thoughts. How’s it going? What’s new ? How’s the weather where you live?

It’s March! Oh my gosh, three months into 2017,wow! I can’t believe how fast time is going by. What have you been up to the past three months? Found bae? Checked off another adventure from the bucket list ? Tried something new? Relaxed on an Island ? Ate a frog ? Protested?

I checked off a couple of adventures off my bucket list and added some more. Speaking of… have you checked out a new ‘tab’ on I’ve added my bucket list adventures to share with you. Make sure you check it out and tell me what you think in the comments section!

So its been three months of 2017, what have you people been doing?? Let me know! If you checked out my Insta feed or my stories you know I’ve been either studying, cooking, laughing my socks off, eating, and having Nerf wars. I would say that’s a pretty successful three months so far, wouldn’t you? No drama, no craziness, no negativity. That’s what I like to see happening the first three months of 2017. Challenge yourself this year! Leave the past in the past and strive for the better. If you didn’t  have an amazing 2016,strive to have an amazing 2017, try. Don’t live with regret about how the last year or two happened because we’ve all have had bad times sometimes even more than we could have imagined, but it is up to decide how you want today to be. Focus on what is going on in your life at this very moment, today. Don’t worry about what the next nine months will bring or what’s going on with the job next week or how are the kids going to travel, just focus on the time you have today because after all we all know how limited time is. 

Back to March, Women’s Month. A phenomenal woman who’s me. This is one of my favorite poems written by Maya Angelou. If you haven’t heard of it or read it, I highly recommend! You won’t regret it. Last week, Wednesday March 8th, was International Women’s Day! Happy Women’s day to all the strong, fearless, loving, and kind woman out there. You gals rock! Be thankful for the woman who built this world, that raised the children, that have fought for her country, that taught your children, that gave birth to your son, and that carried you when you were lost. Women have had many back-breaking struggles over the years, but this month we recognize our sisters who strived for better. Respect us not just on March 8th or this month, but respect us everyday. This saying is my favorite ” you wouldn’t treat your mother that way right?” It’s true, you wouldn’t. Treat the woman in your life the way you would treat your sister, your grandmother, your mom. Stop girl on girl hate, stop demolishing woman, and start accepting them, all.

It’s your time this year. Nine months left of 2017, what are you going to make out of it? What are you going to change today? What will make you strive for better?

And there’s your #TuesdayTalk.


Until next week beautiful humans…


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