Looking back at Summer Sixteen

I came across my pictures from my summer trip last year to Cuba and thought I should share my travel experience. Quite honestly, I want to be there right now, it’s too cold in New York! I had such an amazing time in Cuba and I definitely want to go back for another visit or to do some research in the near future. Their medical program is amazing. Doctors, science majors, researchers, and biologist from across the world fly to Cuba just to get the best medical education. Cuba is a beautiful country with humble and outgoing people. I decided to share my Cuban experience as much as I can because it was the best experience that I had. Enjoy my story and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! dscn1408

When I came back home I immediately told my friends and family that I want to move there. I am trying to convince my friends and family to join me on my next adventure to Cuba. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later preferably this year. If the opportunity gets placed on your table, take it! Cuba is a complete different country than anyone I’ve been to. The vibe is very similar to Jamaica or another West Indian country, but other than that there are not enough words to describe the feeling of landing in Cuba, driving through the old towns, or saying hello to locals. You will meet nice, caring, loving, and amazing people there. If you get that opportunity to travel to Cuba  within the next five years (go) because everything is going to be commercialized and imported soon. The pictures that you see on Instagram feeds or down below will not be what you see five years from now.   dscn1315

The picture above of the 60s vibrant cars, I took when we were in Old Habana in Town Square. Along this strip there are about a little over a dozen cars lined up waiting to be taken for a ride by tourists. In this area you will find street artists, batido  (Cuban milkshake similar to a smoothie) carts, kids playing during free time, and people resting.


If you’re on an island you definitely have to have fresh coconut water! It’s a must!  Here’s how it happened: My friends and I were walking in town square and we saw a juice cart with fresh coconut, guava, and mango, and just had to try one! I mean seriously how many times can you say you’ve watch a man carve a coconut. dscn1110

This upside down photo (sorry!) I took when I visited the Urban Farm, Organopónico Vivero Alamarr located in Alamar, the eastern part of La Habana, Cuba. It was so magnificent to see wild life in the open such as medical plants and vegetables. It was also hot, 95 degrees. Oh my, we saw wild flowers, bees, noni (the fruit that smells like blue cheese), mango, huge vegetable plots, and more. I highly recommend visiting this community oriented farm. DSCN1178.jpg

This beautiful woman in the blue (pictured above) performed a live Afro-Cuban dance along with three other woman accompanied by a blissful band. Los Ivelley was the type of dance which represented a god, or orisha, from the Santeria religion. This was done in the town of Regla, a warm family oriented community. One of the photos on my Instagram page with the mom and her daughters was taken in Regla. 043-DSC01400.jpg

This street art wall was inspired by the Cuban Hip Hop duo “Obsession.” In the town of Regla, which many thought was abandoned was very much alive. Located in Regla is the home of the group called Obsession. The man and woman who were spouses told us how they created their group, their experience as dancers, and we watched their music videos.



Pictured above is Cuba’s revolutionary hero, Che Guevara. He was a military leader and worked alongside the late political leader Fidel Castro.


When I arrived in the beautiful scenic country I felt like I was “at home” or rather in touch with my roots and culture. This feeling is hard to describe, but I truly felt like I was there in Cuba for a reason. I didn’t feel out-of-place or out of touch. So combine all of those feelings into one and maybe now you are starting to realize why I didn’t want to leave. Seriously, Cuba is magnificent. The people are so genuine and humble. My favorite part about them was that they were just trying to make a living and “hustle” which reminded me a lot of the big city states in the US. Everyone is trying to make a dollar and I think we can all relate to that. When I thought about this foreign country, hhospitality, kindness, views, photo-ops

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