15 things I was taught as a POC


Growing up as a young woman of color was not easy. My parents made sure to teach me what I liked to call it ” How to survive in a world where I’m often the only black person in the room”. My parents made sure that I understood my history and culture for that I know what unconditional love means, for melanin, for myself, for others, and my culture. My diverse Caribbean household consisted of many different words of wisdom and I thought I would share with you today.

  1. Carry your School ID with you
  2. Don’t go into stores alone
  3. Don’t separate yourself from Adults
  4. Be “overly” respectful
  5. Keep your head up
  6. Don’t talk back
  7. Never wear your head tie out in public
  8. Talking about race is a necessity
  9. You are beautiful, whether the world acknowledges you or not
  10. Hard works gets you places in life
  11. My blackness is apart of me
  12. Embrace your culture
  13. Loudly say what you are doing
  14. Don’t “hide” in a store (make yourself seen)
  15. You have to better than the best

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