Travel Guide: Las Vegas’17

Travelling consumed most of my Summer, I was hardly home, I lived in my suitcase and duffle bag, and spent a majority of my time in hotels. I ate a lot of food, but that’s to be expected when traveling, right? I ate everything, honestly. From buffet brunch to outback steakhouse (I don’t even eat meat), PF Changs (and getting those darn sparkling drinks), to having midnight snacks, or a warm chocolate chip cookie from the hotel. All very delicious, of course, just way too much.

This past Summer was actually my first time traveling to the West Coast. I stayed in the Orange County area for about a week and then headed south to Las Vegas for the weekend and then came back up to Irvington, California. Travelling in California by car is probably the worst thing that could happen because that traffic is no joke. People say East Coast, specifically, New York City traffic is bad, but wait until you sit in a car for 3.5 hours when your destination is only 30 mins away. I had so many snacks in the car, it was crazy! Never again.

My first experience in Vegas was pretty awesome. I attended a family reunion in Las Vegas which was actually a lot of fun. Vegas is pretty cool. I think it is a little overrated and definitely wild, but it was nice to say “I’ve been to Vegas”. Perhaps when I get older and there are more things that I can do then maybe it will be that place that I love. For now, I’ll stick to flying overseas. I was eating dinner at PF Changs and a bride and groom came into the restaurant asking for a table. I was shocked because back home this would never happen. No one would walk into the restaurant with their wedding dress on and go “table for two”.

P E A C E & L O V E

My Vegas tips:

  1. Keep your eyes open (you can miss a lot)
  2. Bring sunscreen
  3. Wear sneakers on the strip
  4. Do not get Starbucks (a venti is almost $10)
  5. Keep your ID, money, passports, documents, etc close to your heart (well, just your body)
  6. Hydrate!! Drink that water, friends
  7. Sleep
  8. Eat food (not just sugar)
  9. Take pictures
  10. Check off the bucket list
  11. Protect your eyes (sunglasses) the UV Rays are strong!!
  12. Be attentive!
  13. Have fun
  14. Check out as many hotels as you can (they are all different )
  15. Don’t judge a book by its cover
  16. Wear light-colored clothing
  17. Invest in a good bag (with pockets)
  18. Shop, shop, shop
  19. Smile
  20. Be friendly

In Vegas, everyone smokes so that is also something to be mindful of!





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