As Summer 2018 quickly approaches I am reflecting back on my fitness goals for the year. I sported a two-piece for the first time in years, looked awesome in off the shoulders, my collarbone popped, and my legs were toned. I was overwhelmed with confidence physically. Mentally, I felt like a strong and powerful woman. In addition, I ran 5 miles this year, became a health and fitness coach for my peers, and decided to make running a habit. This confidence helped motivate me to continue my travel series until the end of the year. Thus, now every time I go away to a school or work event I wear a nice fitting bathings suit or dress – something that I would never do before.

When traveling I am usually exposed to different kinds of foods. In Italy I ate pizza and pasta almost every night, in Cuba I had a lot of rice and seafood, in Atlanta I consumed authentic diner food, in California and Las Vegas I devoured big portions, and then back in the East Coast I pretty much went out to brunch at least twice a week. Recently, I have been stressed with applications, life, and school so I have been gaining weight, eating everything or not eating at all, and/or not working out. Since last week I haven’t been proud of myself mentally and physically. I knew I had to make a change so I can be proud, feel happy, and own my body and mind.

This week I decided to try something new to help motivate me back into the fit lifestyle like I had during #summerseventeen. I want to tell you about the Two-Plan. For two months I will be working out, eating healthier, focusing on my inner peace, and building breathing techniques, endurance, and most importantly confidence. I’ve made a goal to drink at least two bottles of water a day, run two miles in the week, and eat at least two vegetables and fruits every day.


A sample of the two plan for beginners is as followed:

Day 1:

2 push-ups, 2 jumping jacks, 2 squats, 2 lunges (left), 2 lunges (right), 2 arm circles x 2

2-mile walk

2 bottles of water

2 whole fruits (sliced)

2 full circle stretching

2 breathing exercise (inhale and exhale)


Day 14:

2-mile walk

2 fruits (eat)

2 veggies ( eat)

2 jumping jacks

2 squats

2 min plank

2 fun dance moves

2 downward dogs

2 min – child pose

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