I need feminism because…

As a female, it irritates me that my female friends hate on feminism

I shouldn’t be judged for deciding not to be a mother or choosing only to be a mother

I shouldn’t have to watch my back in fear when out

I should feel comfortable being proud of who I am

Equality should be a standard

In order to prove to my parents/elders that I can be someone great

Catcalling is still an issue

Words shouldn’t have more meaning just because they are coming from a man’s mouth

Certain standards should become obsolete

Shouldn’t have to choose between being a mother and working

Emotions equal weakness

Should not be judged for eating habits

So I can be more confident in myself

These are my thighs

To deter people from labeling

Size of breasts shouldn’t measure my importance

It gives me the ability to tell younger generations that they can be who they want to be

I should be able to wear what I want to make myself feel good

My paycheck should not be smaller than a mans simply because I am a female

I want to become a doctor and when I say that people laugh at me simply because I am a female

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