Bucket List

  1.  have a blog 
  2. go to a music festivalMeadowsNYC2017
  3. meet RihannaIMG_9177
  4.  live in Europe
  5. go to an Ed Sheeran concertEdSheeran2017
  6. be invited to a fashion week show
  7. attend coachella
  8. attend an awards show (Grammys, VMAs, Black Girls Rock… )
  9. hike to the Hollywood sign
  10. casually meet Jonathan Cheban (my seat was right next to his, btw) IMG_9186
  11.  go through LAX airport
  12.  watch the sunrise in Australia
  13.  get sponsored by Nike
  14.  ride a motorcycle (alone)
  15.  play a game of paintball
  16.  bathe an elephant
  17.  run a marathon
  18. swim with sea turtles
  19. meet the Obama family
  20. attend a same sex wedding
  21. receive a fan letter
  22. run for President
  23. jump into a pool fully clothed
  24. jump off a cliff
  25. attend a boxing match
  26. go to a drive-in movie
  27. see a TED talk live
  28. give a TED talk
  29. sit front row at a basketball game
  30. fly in a private jet
  31. go to Bora Bora
  32. cook every dish in one cookbook
  33. write a cookbook
  34. get a meaningful tattoo
  35. start a YouTube channel
  36. give a keynote speech
  37. leave my name on a wall
  38. start a charity
  39. teach dance at the YMCA or Rec Center
  40. do a belly dance
  41. have an ultimate nerf war
  42. celebrate a holiday in a different country
  43. walk across abbey road | London
  44. walk on the Great Wall | China
  45. travel to every continent
  46. speak more than 4 languages
  47. go to Mardi Gras | New Orleans
  48. shop on Rodeo Drive
  49. go to Chicago
  50. go to a bridal store with my friends and try on wedding dresses
  51. run a half marathon
  52. go zip – lining